The village of Skala MISTEGNA is 17 km from the town of Mytilene.

In Medieval times there were huge oak trees, which kept the village completely out of sight, and for this reason, its original name was MYSTIKA (Secrets).

MISTEGNA seems to be a later, corrupted version of this original name. Its point of interest is the church of the Virgin Mary, which was built in 1836.

A special feature of this area is the Red Stone of Mistegna – a building material widely used all around the island.

SKALA MISTEGNON Beach is situated in the mouth of a petal-shaped bay that looks out on Asia Minor, The village of today is rank with olive groves.

The area is discreetly surrounded by beautiful small hotels and rooms, the beach is ideal for swimming.

You will relish the delicious seafood served in the traditional restaurants, which almost touch the sea…